Treehouse Club provides a breakfast and after-school care facility for Scamps Pre-school and Spetisbury School children. The Breakfast Club runs from 07:45 until 08:45, Monday to Friday, where children are given a choice of healthy cereals, wholemeal toast, fruit and healthy drinks and then are provided with toys, games and activities until 08:30. The children are then dropped off at their classrooms.

The children are picked up from their classes at 15:15 (or at the end of any extra-curricular activities they may partake in) to attend Treehouse Club until 18:00. A range of activities are on offer to the children, suited to their different ages, and trained Scamps staff are available to supervise the different groups of children. Activities include sports, board games, books and stories, arts and crafts, aqua beads, clay, painting, cooking, needle work and lots of free choice with a variety of toys. We provide a quiet area for reading, homework or rest if they are feeling a bit tired.