Scamps Pre-school is managed on a day-to-day basis by a team of full time qualified staff with a Key Worker for each child.

Like many pre-schools, Scamps is run by a committee of charity trustees who are responsible for the overall management and smooth running of the setting. This can mean anything from organising a summer fundraising event to reviewing existing policies. Although the pre-school staff members are directly line-managed by the Scamps Managers, the Committee has overall responsibility for recruiting, training and development, salaries and managing contracts of employment. The Committee also has responsibility for things such as managing the daily accounts and working with staff to ensure the setting follows health and safety, risk assessment, insurance and first aid guidance and procedures. Individual members of the Committee have lead responsibilities in some of those areas.

The committee consists of three Officers: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary:

  • Chair – oversees the Committee, chairs the Committee meetings and line manages the Scamps Manager;
  • Treasurer – oversees the finances of the group and keeps records of income and outgoings, raising any necessary issues at the Committee meetings;
  • Secretary – takes the minutes at Committee meetings and distributes them.

In order to operate, the Scamps Committee should never have less than 3 members and no more than 8 members; this is in addition to the 3 key Officers. The Committee are elected at the annual AGM but there are a number of informal meetings during the year where policies and the management of Scamps are discussed. As well as a great opportunity to meet other parents, it is a wonderful way to be involved directly with your child’s development and could even be something to help you keep your CV relevant and interesting whilst taking a career break. The Committee are always delighted to see new parents getting involved and contributing fresh ideas.

Parent/Carer Help

As a community run pre-school, we try to keep costs down by enlisting the help of parent helpers. As well as helping us, it is also a great way for parents to be involved and see how the pre-school is run. If you can spare any time at all we would be grateful. Please ask a member of staff if you are interested or would like to know more.

The rota of parent/carer helpers is an important part of a community pre-school in order to ensure the ratio of adults to children is sufficient to run the session, whilst keeping the operational costs down. In circumstances where parents or carers are unable to assist during sessions, for example, due to work commitments, there are many other opportunities to help.

One of the ways in which we are able to keep our operating costs down is with the help of parents and carers providing consumables. A list can be found in the cloakroom, and you can volunteer to bring in anything, from a loaf of bread to a bag of apples!

We would also appreciate any assistance with:

  • Washing overalls;
  • Tidying cupboards;
  • Making and mending fancy dress costumes, dolls clothes etc.;
  • Providing collage materials – silver paper, wool, pressed flowers, leaves, feathers;
  • Providing containers for storage – large ice-cream/margarine tubs;
  • Providing boxes for model making;
  • Supplying a bag of eating apples or other fruit.

Do you have a special skill or interest that you could bring to playgroup?

Do you have any interesting ideas for places that we could visit?

Do you know of anyone who could come to visit us?

We are always delighted to hear your suggestions, so please do get in touch!